Why choose Future Care?

What are the advantages of a risk retention group over traditional liability insurance companies? An RRG is owned and governed by its members who are the Senior Care providers Future Care insures. We know the importance of being prepared for the future.  Our goal is to reduce your costs and expenses and give you greater control over your insurance program.  We partner with you by protecting the investment in your future and growing your assets while also providing you with an innovative insurance program.  Future Care RRG is truly THE solution to challenges you are facing in the marketplace. Our risk and claims management specialists have the expertise needed to minimize claims costs and enhance quality of care.

A Traditional Insurance Company:

  • Is often focused on the business aspect of fighting claims
  • Only offers a traditional company-client relationship
  • Is more profit-focused than customer-focused
  • Doesn’t always offer individualized coverage
  • Doesn’t always offer additional resources for clients

Future Care RRG:

  • Is committed to protecting member facilities
  • Provides stable premium
  • Provides litigation risk management
  • Is Member-owned
  • Is committed to hands-on service
  • Creates personalized coverage plans
  • Provides multiple extra services and resources
  • Provides a return on the investment through dividend

Become a Member

As a member of Future Care RRG, you’re more than just a Policy Holder – you’re an owner and an investor. This includes the opportunity to serve on the Board of the RRG, where you can collaborate with other members and help all stakeholders benefit from careful oversight and management.


Tighter control of outcomes enhances greater rewards, including increased financial stability and decreased liability risks.  Your premiums are based on a number of actuarial factors and considerations including your facility’s experience rating and are not specific to market generalizations, which may adversely affect your premium.  This gives you greater control over premiums, including the ability to take action to stabilize premiums in what is an otherwise cyclical marketplace.

We understand the complexities involved in liability and risk management.

The multiple legal challenges associated with Senior Care requires experienced risk mitigation partners to provide advocacy and support in case any issue should arise.  We understand that each facility’s challenges are specific to each location, and you therefore need a seasoned risk mitigation partner to provide support for your staff.  The Future Care RRG team has a unique underwriting approach, and decades of combined experience in protecting Senior Care providers from liability risks.  We provide members of our group with tailored risk management plans and a legal risk management platform for each of their individual facilities.  In addition to protecting Senior Care providers, our individual approach allows us to offer a variety of coverages for the various needs of our members.  We also offer a range of deductibles and self-insured retention for our group members.

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We have experienced exceptional risk mitigation approaches in partnership with Future Care RRG. Having full access to best legal advice in Long Term care industry along with shared best operational and clinical practices has been highly valuable to us.

Mazy Sehrgosha

CEO - Premier Senior Living

The Future Care team has proven to be best in class within the Senior Living marketplace. We are proud to partner with them and look forward to continue providing the perfect client experience.

Rusty Hughes

President – Birmingham Professional Liability

As an industry leading captive manager, we interact with numerous RRGs. Future Care embodies strong ethics and client focused decision making with heavy emphasis on a team centric approach to best serve its members.

Michael Rogers

CEO - Risk Services, LLC

If you are a Long Term care provider –

You need personalized, results-driven solutions to insurance and litigation management. Get in touch with us today and learn more about the benefits becoming a select member of our risk retention group, Future Care.