Why us

Our Mission

At Future Care RRG, our goal is to offer owners and operators  of Senior Care facilities insurance solutions by providing robust coverage options that mitigate your specific legal and clinical risk challenges. We not only save you money and reduce your potential liability, but we also offer the advantages of membership and a return on your insurance investment. Through our offerings, our members gain greater financial peace of mind and see an improved drive for quality of care delivery. In short, Future Care is the alternative insurance solution you’ve been looking for.


As a member of our risk retention group, you get a partner by your side, and together, focused on protecting your future.



Innovative and cost-effective insurance solutions, coupled with proactive risk mitigation strategies help to grow your assets and protect your future.



Maintaining strong relationships and open communication is key to our success. As a member, our team is here for you with advice, assurance and assistance.


Financial Stability

Our solid financial structure means that members can count on cost savings. We don't require a policy issuing carrier, eliminating both fronting costs and related collateral expenses.

Our Advantages

Now that you understand the benefits that come along with choosing an alternative insurance solution over traditional insurance, the question remains: Why choose Future Care? Here’s why:


We’re selective when it comes to allowing partners into the group, which leads to top management quality.

Proactive Protection

Our claims management strategy is focused on protecting our members’ interests in a proactive manner.

Individualized Coverage

We partner with your company and/or facility to provide coverage plans tailor-made to your needs.

Valuable Relationships

We have an exclusive broker relationship with CRC, allowing us to bring unparalleled value to the table.

Member Collaboration

Our business methods consist of a continued, collaborative effort between our members and the company.

LTC Expertise

Our team has real, hands-on experience that only comes from decades of success in the industry.

Premium Control

We give members control over premium rates, including the ability to stabilize premiums in an otherwise cyclical marketplace.

Unparalleled Partnerships

The numerous partnerships we’ve cultivated over the years allow us to bring our members input and advice from the best leaders in the industry.

Competitive Pricing

With our years of experience and our partnerships we are competitive in the market due to the value and services we offer our members.


Long-Term Rate




The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Future Care recognized the needs of LTC facility owners to have a reliable insurance product that focused on claims and risk management advocacy. The need for LTC owners to manage cost and expenses without sacrificing gold standard operations and quality of care is Future Care’s mission. We’re the change you’ve been talking about wanting in the LTC insurance market.
The Future Care team operates on the OFFENSE. Our strategy is proactive – we fight for the rights of LTC facility owners. Risk management and resolution strategies are made based on the facts and realities of our members’ operations. We look out for our clients and collaborate with them, doing our due diligence to help protect their rights now and in the future.
Prepare for the Future
Our goal is to reduce your costs and give you greater control over your insurance program. With efficient operations including an improved claims experience, your facility can focus forward with confidence.
We’re Here for You
Avoid otherwise unaffordable liability insurance by working with Future Care. We won't take the route of commercial companies who are too often willing to simply settle claims. Our team will always go the distance to defend you and your company's reputation.
Return on Your Investment
Unlike a traditional insurance market, Future Care allows the possibility of getting back some of your premium in the form of a dividend. This affords you the ability to share in underwriting savings and the option to share in investment income profit.





Years of Experience


Partners in Protecting Your Future